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A mental disable man by nickname (Doctor and Anybody) is a gentle man with a family I made him naked feeding from bin and has no where to sleep, he was abandoned for years when he became mentally disable, when I made him I took him for a proper bath, gave him DREAMERS T-shirt to put on and take him for food


a young boy with a huge tumour on his leg.He was sent to India for an operation to remove when we promoted best we could for people to help and support.


This ia a sad situation in NORTH WEST REGIOIN ( BAMENDA), Belo sub division where we have to offer food, shower geland books for less prviledge families


Lots of children stories that have stuck in my heart more is two stories in particular of 6 abandoned children that I stumbled across on the road. 5 kids were look after a baby in arms. making 6 children. Their mother was no where to be found since the husband died . The Children were sometimes left for days on end not knowing where their Mother was or when she would return with food and water. The children would fend for themselves with the senior sister taking care of the baby the best she knew how