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About the dreamers

The five founders went to secondary school together at Bamenda, Cameroon, we all went to the same technical high school ( G.T.H.S BAMENDA) , we and many others found everyday life to be a challenge. All in the same struggle, our families could not afford to pay for their basic needs. To eat nutritious food, drink clean water, and pay tuition fees, all seemed out of reach. It came to a point where we had to make a choice: whether to concentrate on our school studies, or make money to provide for our families.

Together, the five founders pushed through long days. In the morning, we would go into our classes. After school, we'd walk to our construction labour jobs for 3 - 4 hours. Then, our day still wasn’t done, we needed to go home to study in order to pass our class exams and school academic year final exams

All of us graduated from technical and commercial school, even with everything working against us. Three of the men succeeded in leaving the country, going to England, Cyprus, and Dubai, in search of a better quality of life.

Finding a more prosperous living outside of Cameroon, the founders stayed in touch. We were grateful for the opportunities we found, but thought often of the people back home who were still suffering. We wanted to give some of our earnings back to our community in Africa, so we started Dreamers Charity in 2008.

Dreamers Charity has been a recognized as a Non-Profit Organization since 2017, when the founders decided that they wanted to support Cameroon on a global scale.

Dreamers Charity

The first act of Dreamers was helping orphaned children in Cameroon by providing them with food, textbooks and other school supplies. We also worked with Samaritans purse to provide basic hygienic supplies such as soap, shampoo, and food to the locals.

Additionally, Dreamers have seen many disabled and homeless people on the streets. We worked with one mother in particular, this disabled woman had been raped and impregnated. Although she had given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, she could not work to provide for this child. Dreamers provided her with a stock of food, and funds to support the baby through childhood.

Due to poor quality of life, many people in Cameroon suffer from physical ailments from lack of nutrition. One man had a huge tumour on his left ankle that was impeding his life and preventing him from walking. Dreamers contributed of paying for his trip to a surgeon in Indian as well as his medical bills.

The Future of Dreamers Charity

Dreamers has many attainable objectives, both short term and long term.

» Short Term Goals:

  • Education: get less privilege children into school.
  • Employment: Provide free vocational training to get individuals into income generating activities.
  • Health: grant children the most basic health care.
  • Spiritual: Encourage faith in children.
  • Humanitarian: Provide children with shelter, food, clothing, security, and human rights.
  • Socialization: Get the, involved in activities to give them a sense of belonging.
  • Empowerment: Offer training to children workers.

» Long Term Goals:

  • Build a Day Centre for disabled people.
  • Build a small orphanage for the children on the streets.
  • Extend the reach of support out of Cameroon, to the many other suffering individuals in Northern Africa and west African countries

Our Team

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Chi Emmanuel Mufua

Vice President

Suboh Victorine Geasangle


Tubuoh Hapinness









Technical Adviser

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